This program offers educational, medical, spiritual, and emotional support to students who may not otherwise have access to it. The educational component includes covering fees for tuition, school uniforms, shoes and socks, and a long list of supplies from brooms to soap and toilet tissue. Each student and his or her family’s basic medical care is also provided.

Our sponsor children each have an individual sponsor. The strength of the program is in building personal relationships with our students and their families, offering them love and encouragement. We also encourage students to maintain a strong relationship with their sponsors overseas by regular correspondence through letters and the opportunity for sponsors to send gifts at least once a year.


This initiative is designed to help families living in dangerous and unfavorable conditions (such as mold, rats, leaks and a multitude of insects) by replacing their unstable and sometimes incomplete houses with safe, permanent brick structures. The building of houses is funded by specific donations toward this program…


Safe and sanitary latrines are built for families who do not have sanitary facilities. The latrines include both a toilet and bathing area and are constructed with a metal roof, brick walls and a concrete floor.  These are in great need to improve local sanitation and provide privacy and dignity to the Ugandan families.


A child and their immediate family’s basic medical needs (malaria, typhoid, minor illnesses and injuries) are covered under his or her child sponsorship donations.   However, medical emergencies, such as sudden life threatening conditions, broken bones and immediate surgical needs often arise which are more costly.