Financial Transparency

donate5Whenever we need encouragement, we need only look back at our past financial picture. Although we’re never flush with funds, the Lord always manages to provide enough faithful supporters to provide for our needs.  Financial concern is often attributed to inflation, rising costs for Ugandan goods and expanding medical demands.

Approximately 92-93% of all funds donated are used directly for the needs in Uganda.  Administration fees of 6-9% account for those funds not wired directly to Uganda.

Funds raised through sponsorship fees are designated to our Child Sponsorship Fund.  These funds are used directly for services to our sponsored children and their families – all expenses for students to attend school, basic medical needs for the student and his/her family plus emergency aid for families when crises arise.

Our operational needs – regular feeding & activity programs on Saturdays and school holidays which often feed up to 100 children filling stomachs that might not get a daily meal, office rent & utilities, vehicle fuel & maintenance, Ugandan staff salaries, office supplies, etc. – are met through donations to our General Fund.  Approximately one third of these funds are raised at our annual fundraiser in Cranbrook with the remainder of the funds covered through individual donations.

Currently the General Fund also partially covers serious medical needs and unexpected medical emergencies.  Recently, we’ve also set up a Medical Assistance Fund to help cover these expenses as well.  With 150 families in our care, every few months life-saving medical care is needed for a student or guardian

All of HHU’s donations are processed through The Great Commission Foundation, a public foundation with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  For more information about GCF visit their website at The Foundation operates Friends of The Great Commission, a registered 501©(3) in the US that services US donors.