Join a Team

We believe that short-term missions work, both as teams and individually, is an important aspect of our ministry. Hosting visitors is beneficial to the Ugandan people we work with and for the people who come to serve. It encourages and blesses the people we reach out to and it is a valuable learning and growing opportunity for the visitors themselves.

We have been blessed with several team visits, each one with its own unique flavour. We’ve had as many as 21 on a team and as few as 3.  They’ve enthusiastically represented a number of provinces, the U.S. and England. Team members have spanned ages from 14 to 70, and we’ve been able to tailor job assignments to each one.

Almost everyone who has joined the 15-day missions trip has longed to return and several have.  The agenda includes a busy schedule of building houses and latrines, visiting schools, working with and being entertained by the children and occasionally distributing supplies. Our intent is to give each member a full Ugandan experience including trying local foods, visiting families and spending a healthy chunk of time with children.

Almost all funds devoted to a missions trip are tax deductible for anyone who contributes. If you are interested in more details, please contact us.