Project Details

Project Description

This initiative is designed to help families living in dangerous and unfavorable conditions by replacing their unstable and sometimes incomplete houses with safe, permanent brick structures.

The program began when HHU’s founder & field director, Kimi, visited the home of a young student who was perpetually sick and discovered a small house with one wall of stick, mud and cow dung was collapsing. The metal roof panels were kept in place by rocks but leaked and featured plastic bags stuffed in its holes. The bags cultured mould, the dirt floor invited rats that nibbled on the children’s feet and snakes.  Within months, funds were raised funds to replace it.

We’ve now blessed over 40 families with a new home with concrete floors, brick walls, steel roof and wood-shuttered windows and door.

The building of houses is funded by specific donations toward this program as well as funds raised in Canada from recycled cans and bottles.  Each home costs about $2,200 (Canadian) and features a plaque of dedication to the family or organization that has provided the funds for the home.