Project Details

Project Description

This program offers educational, medical, spiritual, and emotional support to students who may not otherwise have access to it. The educational component includes covering fees for tuition, school uniforms, shoes and socks, and a long list of supplies from brooms to soap and toilet tissue. Each student and his or her family’s basic medical care is also provided.

We are fortunate to have sponsors from many locations around the world including the United States and England. The strength of the program is in building relationships with our students and their families, offering them love and encouragement.

In addition to providing educational and medical support, we also offer support to students and their families in other ways, including small business assistance. We regularly run weekend feeding and school holiday activities for all the students in the program, giving us a chance to spend time with the students and connect with them individually.

Child sponsorship is $50.00 per month

If you would like to be included as a sponsor, please indicate on the contact form.